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European Atlas on the Prevention of AF-Related Stroke


Thursday 27 November 2014


New European atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke launched: The Route Map and European Atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke is a new report that shows the state of play in different countries across Europe on the prevention of AF-related stroke. This comprehensive report presents key data documenting the burden posed by AF-related strokes across Europe, highlights key issues and challenges in implementing best practice and provides examples of successful initiatives that have made a difference to patients in different countries.

Trudie Lobban MBE FCRP (Edin), Arrhythmia Alliance Founder & Trustee, Professor John Camm, St Georges University of London and Arrhythmia Alliance President, and Eve Knight, AntiCoagulation Europe CEO, formed the steering committee which oversaw the development of the report.

Over twenty different clinical experts and patient organisations contributed to the report. It is a powerful reminder that efforts are still needed to improve understanding of the increased risk of stroke in people with AF and to ensure that AF patients in all countries have equal access to appropriate treatment and care to help reduce their risk of stroke.

Please click here to access the full interactive report. Alternatively, please use the browser below to read online.